NOVEMBER – 100 payment gateway integration

How many did you say? It makes a huge milestone for scale to hit 100 payment gateways, integrated into our platform. This gives a huge benefit to our clients as we know being able to choose from a wide range of a selection for different plugin payment options too and to be able to add

OCTOBER – New Skale Website Launch (new url and new logo)

An exciting new Brand Strategy starts to take shape So it’s not just a new websites but also positioning as well. In October, we launched on the websites a combination of repositioning Skale campaigns in the market and updating on design which included the site. We’d realized that we went through a marketing process both

JULY – 3 new languages added to the system, making now 18 fully supported languages.

Super chuffed to now have so many languages as part of Skale bundle Having 18 languages on our client portal shows a real global reach of who’s using the system. So we’ve got languages on there from Vietnamese, Spanish, all the expected languages Russian, Arabic, English and Japanese. This is translated by financial translators either

JUNE – 1st Skale Online Seminar By David Keys to the Ferrari

Skale travels the globe from its own meeting room with ‘Key to the my Ferrari’ Quite early on when we launched the first version of Skale CMR, in-fact, before we had a system when we were first doing websites and integrations with brokers, one of our clients said, “Just give me the keys to my

JUNE – Virtual Vision Finance 2020. Online Booth

What a show Virtual Vision was The first virtual conference that we had. So actually it was a challenge. For the CEO personally, outside of our comfort zone, we did a webinar for the first time, pre-recorded which got some great feedback. But really, it is very difficult to pick up new business from a

APRIL – Skale birthdays and birthday wishes

We’ve been stuck in lockdown for two months or maybe even three months,. We were just coming out of lockdown, so thought it was a good opportunity to celebrate all the May birthdays which one happens to be our CEO and also Paulina’s around that time, plus a few more. So we had a pizza

AUG – 9 new integrations completed this month

Automation, VOIP, 7 new payment gateways, and 1 compliance solution. Apart from adding new partners, the reason we could do this is because of API and hooks. It could be interesting to discuss our automations especially if you’re in a speculative trading platforms. So in August time, we launched two massive new features in our

MARCH – 1st COVID lockdown

Covid 19 Pandemic Hits When everyone went into lockdown, the company was very concerned that our clients would have a smooth transition from office to work at home, with the main focus or hundreds of salespeople and potential staff issues including, big office space and now having ability to work from home. So the first