Automation, VOIP, 7 new payment gateways, and 1 compliance solution.

Apart from adding new partners, the reason we could do this is because of API and hooks.

It could be interesting to discuss our automations especially if you’re in a speculative trading platforms.

So in August time, we launched two massive new features in our systems, well three, actually. We launched web hooks. So this is the ability for our system to connect with any other system, any other any other third party, API, without doing any developments so you can set up a web hook inside of the scale CRM to notify any third party system by yourself.

The second thing that we built was automations. So you can set up your own automation rules inside of the scale CRM as well.

This is optimizing a lot of business processes. Now, we had this inside the CRM but now we actually have it inside the whole platform so you can notify on deposits, withdrawals. Well, the challenge is every broker has their own business rules. And you can’t build a system which gives everybody absolutely everything. So we’re basically built into the system and the flexibility for any broker to add, to build in their own business rules when they onboard their clients. And the third piece that we set up was set of restrictions. So again, for different jurisdictions and different regulations, you’re going to have to restrict certain pages and certain functions based on KYC and compliance with needs. So again, this is something we want to make give access to our clients so they can separate their own rules and businesses from onboarding clients. So really, August was a big month, we released a massive releasel

So you’ll see your business doesn’t work in a vacuum. You have to connect with other third party systems to run your business whether it’s accounting systems, reporting systems, online notifications, you want to be notified on slack or on telegram or things of that nature. You can set up like notification rules inside of the system and then you can fire requested to third parties like slack.