We’ve been stuck in lockdown for two months or maybe even three months,. We were just coming out of lockdown, so thought it was a good opportunity to celebrate all the May birthdays which one happens to be our CEO and also Paulina’s around that time, plus a few more. So we had a pizza lunch, which was lovely. It is a great opportunity as we hadn’t seen each other face to face for a long time so this is great, just to meet up.

It was really important for us as a team to come together. We’ve not been together for a very long time. So what we implemented very quickly on was, we had three standups on zoom a day or three zoom coffees a day as a team. So we had a coffee in the morning, a coffee lunch time, a coffee in the evening just to keep interaction between the team. So actually it kept morale very high. And it kept the team spirit very high. But nothing really beats meeting face to face. So the first opportunity that we could we get everybody into the office, we tool. Although we all are still working from home at the moment. It just was great to solidify our relationship as a team together.

2020 for us was all around supportability. It was all around building tools to give our brokers more independence and being able to control what they’re doing even more. So that was what 2020 was about, first half. The second half of 2020 was increased supportability of our systems. So being able to get back to our clients with the responses much quicker about what’s happened inside of our system. 2021 is all about scaling.

It’s now time for us to scale.

So we want to scale in all aspects of our business.

We’re looking to significantly increase our client base.

We’re looking to increase our marketplace.

We’re looking to increase our reach in terms of industries that we’re able to support.

Now it’s all about scaling the business. If there was one thing that we wanted to achieve or would be a birthday present for 2021.