Covid 19 Pandemic Hits

When everyone went into lockdown, the company was very concerned that our clients would have a smooth transition from office to work at home, with the main focus or hundreds of salespeople and potential staff issues including, big office space and now having ability to work from home.

So the first task was speaking to all the clients to make sure that they were able to use the CRM and all the systems effectively whilst working remotely. To our surprise, everything’s absolutely working fine.

We actually found out that they moved into lockdown themselves a week before and we were totally unaware of – and all the systems were working exactly as they needed.


So we didn’t see any down usage at all on the system. We were monitoring it very closely. We actually had contact with our clients often during the first few days and weeks whilst they were moved transitioning to the working remotely. And we actually saw that the systems was totally stable and with no dropping usage either on the client side or on the sale side.

So, we were nicely surprised and nicely encouraged that client just transition about almost seamless but without even having to speak at all.