Skale travels the globe from its own meeting room with ‘Key to the my Ferrari’

Quite early on when we launched the first version of Skale CMR, in-fact, before we had a system when we were first doing websites and integrations with brokers, one of our clients said, “Just give me the keys to my Ferrari.” , “The system looks amazing but just when have the keys? When I have to control myself is like your car.”

Skale CRM is build in a user centric manor, developed with a a specific view. If a client wanted to change any aspect of the system, they didn’t need to even call.  And they’re like, “Really?”

So Skale can give you the keys to do certain things just not everything. That was like the inspiration behind the keys to the Ferrari. Clients often say and look our systems are are just, “Blown away with what they are able to do.” And then when we show them that you can do it all themselves, its like –  that’s just like the keys to the Ferrari in clients hands. So that was the background of it to the phrase.

And it’s always a good opportunity to really reinforce what our mission is. Our mission is to give control to our clients to do whatever they want, when they want and with a view for them to go to maximize the revenue. So not to be dragged down with technology issues and concerns, they can just focus on running their business and we’ve given the controls everything they need in order to maximize the revenue.