How many did you say?

It makes a huge milestone for scale to hit 100 payment gateways, integrated into our platform. This gives a huge benefit to our clients as we know being able to choose from a wide range of a selection for different plugin payment options too and to be able to add by themselves to the system. So again, Page 19 of 22 giving control to a client install over 100 payment gateways, allowing them to reduce their costs by not having to developer integrate and obviously increasing their revenue because they’re able to start accepting payments much earlier. So without having to wait two weeks for this to be done, again two weeks on them on themselves without having to spend any additional costs. So this is huge for our clients. This is what we hear from them. And this is a great milestone for scale as a whole to hit to 100 integrations. Speaker 1: It’s also perfect because from an American perspective, like a UK perspective. We’re used to dealing in [Inaudible 48:23]. We should deal with visa, and master card. But if you’re around the world, especially Europe, you’ve got plenty of different payment types, different cars and different… Speaker 2: I’ll be interesting to see what the split is because of our investors but [Inaudible 48:39] of 100, we’ve got the whole range of Bitcoin solutions, alternative payment solution from each of the different local countries, e-wallets. I mean, you name it, we’ve got it. Skrill, Nortel, even we have PayPal now in our system and stripe as well. So we’ve got the big players and some of the more niche local solutions as well. It’s actually quite a nice thing to… Speaker 1: It’s a nice thing to boast about. Well, you’re going to have to wait because but PayBox. Speaker 2: PayBox? Speaker 1: Yeah. How do you see PayBox 15 in an environment like this because it’s not a gateway, but it’s definitely a way to transfer money and share? Is it something you can consider as a company that you need to take it as serious as a consideration for fulfillment? Speaker 2: I’m not an expert in payment solutions but definitely going to be compliance issues that need to be taken care of. There’s going to be anti-money laundering laws, they are gonna need to be taken care of. Technically, a solution is very, very simple, it can be used but really there’s going to be a lot of regulation Page 20 of 22 around that. That’s not going to really make it very a viable solution for larger businesses. Speaker 1: So the payment gateways need to be well set up. They’ve got to have good compliance before we even consider getting them on board otherwise, it’s a waste of time for all our customers and their clients.