An exciting new Brand Strategy starts to take shape

So it’s not just a new websites but also positioning as well. In October, we launched on the websites a combination of repositioning Skale campaigns in the market and updating on design which included the site. We’d realized that we went through a marketing process both internally and externally that was going to change everything.

So we previously marketed ourselves as having provided a system which combined the functionality of the traditional CRM whilst incorporating into a slightly larger platform which is our customer revenue management platform, also called CRM. Really focusing on optimizing revenue, finding places where you can increase pricing where you can sell more and on the flip side also reduce costs generally in operational and technical ways by using our marketplaces or free integrated solutions, and automation rules that basically allows you to automate your processes without having to spend lots of money on an individual’s doing the work for you.

We realized that our real value to the market is the fact that we’re able to provide a customer revenue management platform rather than just a customer relationship management platform. Customer Relationship in the broker world is not really where the money lies. You’re not taking these people out for dinner. You’re not calling them up to ask them how their birthday is. You’re looking to maximize the revenue that you can obtain from each of the issues clients is nothing more, relevant in the financial services market where ROI per client is highly important.