In the big wide world of Forex trading and finance technology, there has to be a simple and user-friendly solution to maintain your accounts effectively, essentially at your fingertips.   Businesses and consumers don’t need a complicated platform, although they’ll provide them with solutions.

Skale CRM - What makes the Skale Client Portal unique?

At SKALE, with our innovation, we strive to make the client’s experience hassle-free.  In one of his introductory videos, SKALE founder and CEO David Nussbaum, relates that he’s had many conversations with business owners who told him that “although they have great sales and marketing teams in place, they’re very frustrated that the pace of growing their business is in the hands of the technology providers”.  Others have told him that “they have great trading platforms and that businesses are growing. They would love to add more brands, more white labels, but they’re worried about having too much technology to manage.  Finally, for those brokers that are new to the industry, I heard many times that they just want to get up and running quickly, but find themselves waiting for up to two weeks to complete their set-up, and even then there are still things that don’t work quite as they expected”.   

In addition to the easy and practical usage of the platform, business owners want a low-cost platform and like everybody else, wish to save money.

Well, that’s were SKALE comes in.

Our Client Finance Portal is fully integrated without any development; our fintech stack is finance-specific and designed to support customer acquisition with built for purpose design.  Clients will not need to refer to highly skilled developers to operate this system as all that you need is there.

Although it may seem complex at first, the client portal is one of the easiest and user-friendly platforms on the market.  It allows the finance broker be a finance broker without having to have a degree in software technology, if you catch my drift. In other words, before you know it, using the Client Portal will become second nature.

The main page of the Client Portal is a basic interface with a menu in black on your left beginning with your account summary followed by your fund account, transactions and then trades.  All you need to do is click into any link and it will automatically reveal your information.  The following categories have drop-down menus because they are more in-depth then the aforementioned:  Account Settings, Requests, Trading Central, Social Trading, PAMM, Trading Tools, Trading Platform and Register as a Partner.

The interface is individualized to the company’s needs and the user is able to manipulate and closely monitor all transactions. Once the user gets well acquainted with the platform, and become used to it, it will be as simple as going onto any social media platform.  What is very unique about SKALE is that all of the developmental tools are within the site and your client will not need to depend upon help teams to reconfigure or manage the plugins.  Everything is there, set and ready, enabling the user to take control of all of their transactions almost immediately.  Not only does this save a lot of time, but it is indicative of how the SKALE team responded immediately to the needs of companies in the fintech industry. 

More option within the interface enables the user to make payments from all different types of currency, including crypto-currency.  Indeed you can keep a close eye on these transactions as well.

David Nussbaum and his team have created a simple and easy-to-use-platform that services the intense, fast-moving, and complex needs of all fintech companies.