How Skale clients benefit from Contaqt?
Communication tools for sales, retention and compliance.

“3! 2! 1…CONTACT”!!!

The very first thing that came to mind when I perused this website, was this theme song to a children’s educational TV show “Contact”.  Aired on Public Television Stations (WPBS) throughout the USA in the mid-1970s (channel 13 in New York), it was a fun series dedicated to the sciences, and gave kids an opportunity to connect via their collective love for science.  Although I’ll admit that I never had a penchant for the sciences, but “Contact” was one of my faves as a kid.

Fast-forwarding a couple of decades to where we have the World Wide Web and the free world functions on high tech, this company Contaqt has a totally different venue. 

Beginning in 2004, Contaqt was functioning as a telecom provider, specifically for call centers around the globe.  Some years afterwards, they developed a cloud-based solution from scratch allowing their customers to operate all aspects of a modern call center in one place.  In 2015 they launched Contaqt as an Omni-channel contact center platform that enables clients to tune into every possible channel such as voice, chat, e-mail, and social media.  Using customer’s feedback and comments, they have since developed even more high-end features that brought them to where they are today.  They are pioneering, flexible and secure.  Contaqt boasts all types of clientele in their database, from fintech, travel, insurance and healthcare organizations.  To date, they are in 89 countries worldwide.

Contact Management Software that Contaqt offers guarantees to increase performance in customer service, productivity, unified communications, analytics and calls.

Their software covers all aspects of communications in inbound and customer support, outbound and sales, unified communication, self-service IVR (interactive voice response), and Omni-channel communications (chat and SMS services).

As highly advanced as Contaqt software is, what SKALE could benefit greatly from would be their Omni-channel communications.  Focusing on their multichannel chat and SMS services, our experts at SKALE and our clients across the globe would benefit greatly.  When one of our clients has a pressing issue that needs to be addressed immediately, this software will enable us to cater to our customers’ needs expediently.  The multi-channel chat module is a messaging application necessary for today’s fast world of technological advancement.  With multichannel chat, customers will be able to converse with our experts with any channel convenient for them. Trends show that due to an increasing number of users who wish to communicate with companies using non-voice devices such as Facebook chat or SMS, non-voice communication options are a priority for our customers. 

To increase efficiency and for ultimate customer satisfaction, agents can easily respond to customers through one-click presets for common questions and answers that are derived from keywords entered by the customer.  Multichannel chat is available 24/7 and customers will receive guidance and concerns without a live agent.  Live agents can be made available by a special request and these online meetings can be booked for the next business day.

Multichannel chat is available in all languages and enables our customers to communicate efficiently and cost-effectively to receive the financial information that their personalized SKALE client portal has to offer. 

Hand-in-hand, SKALE and Contaqt can pave the way to fast, efficient, effective and top-notch communication and bringing customer satisfaction to an entirely new level.