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From CEO to Team Managers, having all the information, all the time available at the tip of your finger not only to measure numbers but also performance.

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✓ Multiple resources available any place, any time
✓ Fast installation taking the hassle out of any IT requirements
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Automate your workflow, speed things up by using SaaS

Your back-office team is the one in charge to set everything up, and check that the platform is running like a well oil machine. From the moment a new customer registers to your website, whats next?, what to do?, who’s going to call this client? Processes like these combined with rules and user information is available at the click of a bottom in Skale CRM settings and workflows. You decide everything how it will be attended in order to secure your team success.

Set up your users permissions and abilities

Managers can view sales teams comments locally and internationally, whilst understanding all customer/company interactions settled in the Skale CRM.

Follow up your company progress and legal requirements

Use Skale CRM Ticketing feature, to follow up your clients KYC requirements, approvals and unproved documents. Send automate emails to your customers, allowing then a digital signature for more validation. The financial world has rules, and as a financial institution you’ll have to comply to them. 

Here are some other features you may find useful

Over 150 third party plugin solutions in the Skale Marketplace all connected to your favourite trading platform​