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There is no other way to measure success than in numbers, Skale financial tools help you to show you a full view of your financial statements and funds management.

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✓ Facility for payment resources
✓ Tracking finance
✓ Customize payments upon region or currency
✓ Change payment channels

Track your financial activity, leave spreadsheets behind

Whether it’s your daily deposits, agents reports, you have it all!

Having a reporting tool is what makes our job easy, one place where all the most important information is gathered all together, neat and tidy.

Manage your risk activities

Requiring deposits, high amounts, multiple failure attempts, use of multiple credit cards, set up your triggers, set up the notification and secure your transactions.

Route your deposits fast, easy and conveniently

Improve the amount of success rate deposit (SRD), by redirecting your customers to the most suitable payment option available to them, either by location, currency, type of card. 

Over 150 third party plugin solutions
are available in the Skale Marketplace