Introducing Brokers - Did you ever have technology work for you?

Eliminate the hassle of hours developing, testing, integrating new technology. We’ve it covered for you. Either you have more that one business or want to become a technology provider, almost doing nothing…because everything is ready in skale portal.

Interactive Broker CRM

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Introductory IB
Multiple IB Levels
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Manage IBs; CRM & reports

With Skale IB Portal, create new and manage your Introducing Broker users. Get access to your own IB database and start growing the portfolio.

IB Portal​

Analyse results, measure your goals and customize your strategy for the first time, with a real time portfolio analysis and management tool.

Multi level, hybrid commission structure

Calculate commissions never was so easy, with Skale IB Portal you only need to set up the parameters and let the system do the work, updates constantly, in real time!

Here are some other features you may find useful

Over 150 third party plugin solutions in the Skale Marketplace all connected to your favourite trading platform​