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Eliminate the hassle of hours developing, testing, integrating new technology. We’ve it covered for you. Either you have more that one business or want to become a technology provider, almost doing nothing…because everything is ready in skale portal.

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Multiple resources available
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Don't waste money on development teams

One click install, within Skale Marketplace you’ve over 100 pre-integrated tools ready to download and use. Don’t waste time developing, testing, live, demo…its there, ready to use!

Deploy multiple trading platforms at once

In todays market, you can have multiple trading experiences for your customers, select one ore more trading platforms to be available for them.

We keep you updated!

With the constant changes whether is security, law, regular updates; we are constantly upgrading and updating the systems to keep you safe and up to date with the technology.

Over 150 third party plugin solutions in the Skale Marketplace all connected to your favourite trading platform​