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All the tools and information needed to provide custom attention, better conversions, and a long relationship with your clients.

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✓ Easy understand who’s a happy customer and who’s not
✓ Our retention services keeps you on top of your company profile
✓ Understand whats working and whats not at a click of a button

Find out your customers potential, view all data in one place.

New accounts…Old Accounts? how to deal with the amount of accounts and provide the best customer experience, gain customer loyalty and even expand opportunities, by making your clients your voice and recommend your services.

Be one step ahead, learn your customers behaviour and help goal!

Having detailed description of the Trading platform and trading activity across multiple platforms, will enhance the teams expertise, recognise patterns and talk with your clients and decide to set achievable goals.

Provide your clients the best learning tools, and show them how to lead the way.

As part of many retention tools available with Skale CRM, one of our most used is the notifications from Cpattern, where you can track and generate more revenue, with Cpattern analizing the trading behaviour of customers.

Over 150 third party plugin solutions in the Skale Marketplace all connected to your favourite trading platform​