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Having a 360 view of your prospects in front of your screen, not only helps the sales team to be organized, time-efficient, and more productive, it makes them be focused in one thing: the sale.

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✓ Manage your Portfolio at the click of a button
✓ Customize Service to the very last detail
✓ Increase Revenue using our platforms sale features

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1. A full view of staff internal notes, customers personal information, other contact details and clarity of activities.
2. Manage time wisely, with all the information to improve your performance.
3. Click to call, no dial, one click and connect, talk with your prospects unlimited time.

Hot leads, soft leads, multiple source leads...

Manage leads coming straight from your website or channel of choice. Upload sales lead sheets using the Skale CRM uploading tool, whilst receiving them from multiple marketing campaigns.

Easy to sale, easy to guide customers!

With Skale CRM you have the option to route your sales in an easy and efficient way, not just for your department, manager or sales team – but also also for your customers.

Have a worldwide database, using multiple languages, multiple cultures, you can channel each audience to the right sales team, and ensure a better response, and most important a great sale!

Over 150 third party plugin solutions in the Skale Marketplace all connected to your favourite trading platform​