Crypto-Currency Partner Update: The hottest payment solution on the market

Until about 2010, or thereabouts, companies would pay for services received either by credit, cash transfer, or bank checks.  Suffice it to say, in the world of never-ending high tech and technical solutions, something monumental was bound to happen that would revolutionize the way people and companies pay for things.

Enter www.cryptoprocessing.com, a platform designed to enable consumers and businesses to effectively make payments in an economically-sound fashion by using cryptocurrencies on an international level without having to resort to making extra payments or losing money because another currency is stronger than theirs. 

Founded in 2014 and based in Estonia (one of the most favorable jurisdictions for cryptocurrencies), crypto processing is a complete crypto payment whereby they accept any combination of crypto and fiat currencies for payments, deposits and withdrawals from anywhere in the world.  Another product is Coins Paid.  Coins Paid is a multicurrency wallet for personal use.  Use any combination of crypto and fiat currencies with simple exchange.  Use for any shop online, cash withdrawals from any ATM from your crypto account with a Coins Paid card.   Crypto processing and Coins paid are a part of the Soft Swiss group represented by 5 brands:  Merkeleon, Bgaming, Cryptoprocessing and Coinspaid.

Why is this important for SKALE? 

  1. Simply put, due to the emerging market, we have new solutions and we are keeping up with the market requests.  Keeping up to date with the latest trends by having the latest crypto solutions available to customers.
  2. It is already integrated within its own system.  All transactions would happen automatically and there would be no 2 to 3 week waiting for it to go live to CRM.
  3. It’s good for our partner because it will increase their revenue and exposure to first dedicated financial platforms (CRM).
  4. At SKALE, we are very interested in Crypto-Payment and this can enable us to check out more partners on our website. 

In other words, we only have what to gain by converting to crypto-currency and nothing to lose.  In the near future, most, if not all companies will be trading in cryptocurrencies as opposed to their local currencies. At the risk of going on a tangent, before the onset of the hi-tech revolution back about 30-odd years ago, people thought that the idea of computers and the internet being the major form of communication was insane.  Communicating with business partners, friends or loved ones with a pocket-sized phone equipped with the ability to actually see the person on your screen (just like the Jetsons)?  Don’t get me started with ZOOM!  People just couldn’t fathom or wrap their heads about it.  Well, not only is this today’s reality, it’s a necessity for business and even personally.

Simply put, it was all due to fear and uncertainty of the unknown.  Well, fast-forward to 2020 (let’s ignore the COVID-19 factor for a bit) and look at us now.  So, likewise, this new form of currency is a step forward in this direction and before we all know it, we’ll wonder to ourselves, how on earth did we survive without crypto-currencies?