Marketing - Drip marketing campaigns measuring every interaction

Set up and customize tools that make the work for you.
Custom Templates, Message Flows, Delivering the right message at the right time.

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✓ Handling all data from our content management system is very easy.
Receive updates when and where they happen and in real time.
✓ Making Profit is the number goal of this is marketing feature

Create custom campaigns for your customers

World events, market news or electronic education material! It’s in the small details you earn your customers attention.

Keep your customers informed all the time, send them custom messages for each important transaction.

Whether you want to welcome a new client, notify them about an operation in his account or send a custom message, you can set the automated triggers and let the system work on his own.

Let your staff succeed with the marketing tools!

Create custom templates for your staff, or let them create a custom template from scratch, saved in templates library ready to use, for any event they might need.

Over 150 third party plugin solutions in the Skale Marketplace all connected to your favourite trading platform​