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Financial service providers need to balance scaling their business fast, with keeping customer data safe. 
Our pre-configured financial service and forex back-office solutions come 90% ready-to-deploy, out the box, 
with 10% for personalization. So, you can deploy and customize without IT consultants, developers, or project managers. 
Saving you time, cost and headaches.

Frustrated with the time it takes to integrate 3rd party solutions? With Skale it's easy like 1,2,3.

1. Find

  • In a few easy steps, quickly and easily search through our catalogue of plugin and play integration app to find the right app for you.

2. Install

  • Its as simple as clicking the install button to get you started. You can activate or de-activate any of the 3rd party installation.

3. Configure

  • Once installed, Skale grants you an array of settings that can be used to configure the solution in your own bespoke way.

Integrations, Apps and Add-Ons​ plugging
in straight out the box​​

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