Mobius Trader: The low-cost and modern trading platform for brokers partners with SKALE

As part of Skale – Customer revenue Management Platform – and, as one of the weekly new additions to our system, we are pleased to announce the new integration with Mobius Trader, one of the leading trading platforms available at the market.

Maintaining the same concept that made Skale unique, which allows Skale users to build their own technology as they need and as they grow, Mobius Trader has joined the many trading platforms that Skale has to offer.

Mobius Trader is a unique, modern, and multi-faceted trading platform for brokers that want to launch a new brokerage or enhance the existing one. It is a cost-effective trading platform solution for FX and CFD brokerage companies. As a result, FX brokers save thousands of dollars by a multi-platform terminal and user-friendly for Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linus and all are at the same low price.

Mobius Trader enables users to trade more than 100 popular assets: Stocks, commodities, crypto-currencies, and indices are available in one place.

The user interface is simple and anybody with even limited internet surfing ability can get the hang of it. The account page is very self-explanatory with dropdown lists of accounts, deposits, withdrawals, personal information, investments, partnerships, and options. The main body of the interface includes different currency denominations, depending upon which local or foreign currencies you used and it measures and tracks all transactions of your trade giving you a very clear picture of how your account looks and what it could look like in the future.

Since proudly partnering with us, Skale customers can look forward to the many advantages that Mobius has to offer, as Igor from Mobius Trader explained, “What makes us unique in my opinion is, first of all, we offer an all-in-one solution which can be deployed in a few hours. This attracts 2 types of entrepreneurs: young startup companies willing to launch their own brokerage as fast as possible and serial entrepreneurs willing to avoid likeness between their labels working at the same time in the market.

The 2nd advantage is our ability to customize the software without any limits: we can create for customers a trading platform of their dream based on our current technology and experience.

The 3rd advantage is flexible pricing – no one in the current market offers so many packages without any limitations. We offer a standard pricing package, including a setup fee plus further monthly fees, as well as packages with just monthly fees (without the setup fee), lifetime licenses with just the setup fee and no monthly fees ever, and even the source code subscription with the ability to re-distribute our solution without any limitations”.