One of our recently established partnerships, Alfa Algorithms, headed up by Alexey Sivakov Farber, CEO and founder of the company. The company opened its doors in 2014; however plans for this unique company began way before as Farber was building the algorithms for fintech applications for quite some time. Leading a team of highly motivated and intense engineers, they have grown to be top professionals who thrive in the industry.  

With constant trading market challenges, API connectivity gets your data feeds executing algorithmically.

Very similarly to us here at Skale, Alfa Algorithms builds tools for fintech companies, yet they focus on building trading platforms. They are an advanced algorithmic development house that focuses on new and progressive technologies.  The main specialization for Alfa Algorithms are solutions for fintech institutions; IT for finance; custom software development; machine learning and big data; complex mobile applications development and white label trading solutions. The company’s primary focus is the further development and resale of the Webtrader platforms (trading solutions, adaptive mobile versions, and trading plugins) and Mobile Trading Applications (Android and IOS based on MT4/5).

"I am very excited to add our webtrader latest addition as part of Skale CRM, its easy-to-use interface and modern design, this platform is simple to use and is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. No need to download or install anything!"
Alexey Farber, CEO Alfa Algorithms Ltd

Typically as partners, Skale has a great tendency to gravitate towards companies that produce similar products that can jointly hand-in-hand service the greater fintech market. Just picture this: if you were a fintech company specializing in the forex trade and you were using an Alfa Algorithms solution for your trade, using their most well-adapted algorithms which keep your forex at the top of the market, plus with Skale Customer Revenue Management systems.  Bear in mind, Skale is famous for building solutions to support growth along every major milestone in building your business and growing it. Our solutions are so easy to use; it’s almost difficult to comprehend to explain how to use them.  Skale professionals are the masters of Forex plugins and platform developments.  Partnered together with Alfa Algorithms, the finance world is your oyster and the client can and will dominate their trade because of our combined avant-garde engineering.  As a result clients will have and maintain full-control over their business and success for them is a lot simpler to achieve.

"We're happy to introduce Alfa Algorithms to our clients. A new trading tool that will give them the power to customize their solutions, enhance the trading experience and maximize their revenue"
David Nussbaum, CEO and Founder Skale CRM

The team at Skale knows their clients and knows to partner with the very best. We just won’t settle for less than that.