SKALE Nomination – Finance Magnates Virtual Summit Awards

Check out our nominations for one the worlds leading FinTech awards, whereby Skale has been nominated in 4 categories. 

When David Nussbaum founded SKALE back in February 2017, like most successful businessmen, he was goal-driven and determined to bring his newfound company to great heights. 

Employing up to a handful of professionals, SKALE is a relatively small company servicing the finance market, focusing upon the very intense and competitive FOREX industry. Operating out of offices in the Herzilya Pituach Industrial Zone, Nussbaum and his team have been working tirelessly building SKALE’s top quality CRM solutions for Forex companies around the globe as well as other types of finance technology companies. Replete with solutions tailored for sales, marketing, retention, affiliates, support, back-office, finance, introducing brokers and IT, to date SKALE has over 150+ brands created for their satisfied customers and is growing. 

Just three years after the company was launched, SKALE was awarded the Best CRM Software Provider Award by A+OZ Markets in 2020. Additionally, The Finance Magnates Virtual Summit notified SKALE that they were nominated in three categories at this year’s Virtual Summit Awards conference which will take place on November 18 of this year. Finance Magnates is the sole global provider of multi-asset trading news, research and events with special focus on electronic trading, banking, investing and the technology that drives them. In other words, anybody who is anybody in this industry has strong familiarity with Finance Magnates and this will ensure that SKALE has a strong presence in this field. This summit is an annual event offering lectures and workshops throughout the day. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, this will all be online beginning at 9:00 AM, wrapping up with the awards ceremony which will begin at 9:00 PM. Leaders speaking from around the world will be educating the industry with up-to-date information about everything about the finance market from crypto currency to banking to digital securities and everything in between. 
SKALE was nominated in three categories: 

Best White Label Solution: The Best White (or Grey) Label Solution Award recognizes providers that offer a comprehensive trading suite, taking into account both features for traders and ease of use for brokers. SKALE is up against 21 other companies for this award
Best Emerging Fintech Startup: This award will be given to the most innovative, cost-saving or otherwise business-enhancing solution by an upshot fintech startup, across industry segments. SKALE is up against 12 other companies for this award. 
Best Automated Performance Tool: This award features candidates that have introduced an outstanding automated tool for brokers to improve their performance at any stage of their customers’ lifecycle. Emphasis will be given to marketing and client acquisition, trader retention and better internal operations. SKALE is up against 11 other companies for this award.

It would be a huge understatement to say that this is a monumental move up for SKALE, as the company is now officially rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest and brightest in the industry. Only after three years in existence, SKALE has already achieved one award earlier this year and now is up for another three awards from a prestigious body of companies. 
One can just imagine what the future holds for a company so young, yet with such powerful drive. 
The sky is the limit….