Everyone likes to read about what’s coolwhat’s hot and what’s in”.  That‘s what pop culture is all about. These trendy subjects are known as ‘sexy’.  Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Sexy’.  That’s the term used now to describe what is eye-catching in the marketplacewhat really attracts potential clients and what can really make your brand very popular.

Many forex brokers are now accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So should your brokerage firm. No fuss, no muss...you have it at Skale CRM marketplace.​

As of a few weeks ago, we are officially into the third decade of the 21st century, where the “hot, cool and the in” take on a different form in the era of high-tech. Crypto-currency is now the up-and-coming form of currency that has caused major shockwaves throughout the fintech community and beyond.  With its humble beginnings back in 2007/2008, a bitcoin cost about 8 cents per coin. Nobody knew what it really was because it wasn’t a tangible thing and therefore a bit difficult to wrap your head around. A mere 12 years later, one bitcoin is equivalent to over $30,000.  

The thing is, with crypto-currency, clientsbe they private consumers or business clients alikecan pay for literally anything with crypto-currency. Yet, the question remains – how can one pay with this 21st century currency securely, swiftly and automatically without any hassle? 

LetKnow Pay® (www.letknowpay.org), operated by LetKnow OU. The company is based in Talinn, Estonia and is a developer and supplier of innovative solutions for the digital economy.  They are a licensed cryptocurrency exchange, blockchain and digital wallet provider. LetKnow® focuses on three core pillars to deliver their customers the best experience in crypto-currency transactions: Customer support, Flexibility and Individual Approach.  

The payment gateway service offers a server-to-server integration via the CRM provider; meaning that a Merchant’s clients won’t be exposed to thirdparty payment pages and other brand names, thereby making sure that the end customer is interacting exclusively with the Merchant.

With the cutting-edge technology at Skale CRM, we have implemented highly secure payment gateways, trading platforms and trading tools with top fintech companies around the world. Our technology functions behind the scenes, giving them the stage to give their clients top notch service and be head-and-shoulders” above the rest.  In the case of crypto-currency, which is all the rage today, and seems like it will be forever more; Skale CRM – Customer Revenue Management is active in ensuring that companies like LetKnow® can offer easy payment and userfriendly interfaces, as well as the very best customer service any company can hope for.  Skale CRM users can find it already, pre-integrated in the well-known Skale Marketplace. Our partners incorporate the same value system as we do, bringing them to award-winning levels that only elite companies achieve.   

So, if you want to know about the cool, the hot, and the in”, have a look at our partners like LetKnow Pay® and LetKnow News®, because they are hot topics with very bright and exciting futures with Skale CRM – Customer Revenue Management supporting them along the golden path.