Crypto payment solution from Match-Trade Technologies now available for Skale CRM users 

Match-Trade Technologies has integrated its proprietary crypto payment gateway – Match2Pay with Skale CRM. The integration expands the range of effective payment methods available for Forex Brokers using Skale CRM to manage their business. 

Skale has recently partnered with Match-Trade Technologies, Forex and crypto technology provider for Brokers. In result, companies have integrated their systems, and Match2Pay crypto payment solution has been made available in the Skale Marketplace for all customers using the Skale CRM platform. This partnership aims to provide Brokers operating in the Forex market with a solution that will allow them to improve the payment acceptance process significantly. 

The crypto payment gateway from Match-Trade Technologies is integrated with reliable and cost-effective crypto exchangers; therefore, clients can buy cryptos via wire transfers and credit cards. Match2Pay is a global payment solution allowing Brokers to collect and exchange cryptocurrencies in a fully automatic way. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface was designed to simplify making payments or request withdrawals. 

Michael Karczewski, COO at Match-Trade Technologies.

“Already at the implementation stage of Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the payment acceptance process among our clients. Investors are used to making online payments by credit card or wire transfer and do not want to sacrifice their convenience. Thanks to the integration with reliable and cost-effective crypto exchangers, clients using Match2Pay can buy cryptos the same way. And since crypto deposits can be converted to other currencies such as USD or stablecoins before booking them on trading accounts, investors won’t even notice the difference”– says Michael

David Nussbaum, Skale CEO &Founder

“Our latest partner to join the Skale Marketplace, the Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway is an excellent addition for our brokers. This partnership follows our vision to provide the best of breed 3rd party applications in our Skale Marketplace that is part of the Skale Customer Revenue Platform. Many of the brokers that we speak to who use the Skale Marketplace tell us that, being able to add new integrations with only a few clicks of a button has allowed them to grow their brokerage offering without waiting for developers and their additional integration costs.  By adding the Match-Trade crypto solution we have expanded the options for our customers with a superb solution for the high-demand crypto payments market, enabling brokerages to increase their revenue and enhance their traders’ smooth trading experience”

Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway supports payments in most popular currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether and all ERC20 tokens to provide effective payments for investors around the world. 

About Skale 

Skale is a SAAS CRM, client self-management, and affiliate platform for financial services companies and call centers. Skale offers a secure, customizable, and well-supported CRM platform that gives its customers the freedom to grow their business at speed, with total confidence that their customer assets are protected. The ‘click and play’ Skale Marketplace with over 150 3rd party plugins empowers its customers to extend the power of the Skale platform with the best of breed applications. For more information about Skale, please visit: https://dev-skaleweb.pantheonsite.io/ 

About Match-Trade Technologies 

Match-Trade Technologies LLC, (“Match-Trade”), headquartered in Irvine, California is a fully integrated forex and cryptocurrency technology provider that delivers turnkey matching engine solutions to all forex market participants looking to access the retail and institutional spot forex markets. Match-Trade has combined state-of-the-art software components of matching engine technology that enables forex providers (Brokers, Prime Brokers, and other LPs) to participate in the new generation of transparent, distributed and independent ECN and Crypto market. For more information visit our website: www.match-trade.com