In the beginning of January 2020, just like most other companies around the globe, we thought it will be just “another year” — working according to the plan, new developments, new customers, and new employees. Well as much as we are used to working in automatic pilot mode, this year we had a very rude awakening, proving you can have a plan, but life has another. 

We know “our systems” and what they are capable of, and with COVID-19 we got that confirmation.

SKALE CRM – Customer Revenue Management 

2020 What a year!!!

Like many of our clients, we set our employees up to work remotely. Equipment, phone lines, internet speed, secured systems, the stress of the first weeks, we asked ourselves, how are we are going to do this? Will we function in the same way? What about trust and security? Not only for us at Skale, but for our clients as well! 

By the end of the third week, when we all got accustomed to the new Skale protocols, Zoom meetings, and scheduled tasks, we understood that this is our new reality and there is no problem with it. Months passed through and without even noticing, we realized that we got many more clients onboard than we expected. We participated in many fintech events with a “virtual booth” and even sponsored the 2nd Virtual Vision Finance Event. We welcomed new developers, an account manager, and support agents. Between lockdowns, we occasionally met at Skale Headquarters for team meetings, and to our great surprise, we realized how much we’ve grown. What else?  Well.. 


Skale Technology 


Technology-wise, first and foremost, we updated our internal protocols to ensure a smooth transition for our clients. Every Sunday in 2020, religiously we launched a new release, system update, bug fixed, and/or new features to improve your daily tasks, no matter if it was a simple or complex feature, a completely new system flow, or a new language, every week we worked hard to keep up with our programmed scheduled. 

Skale Partners 


In 2019 Skale Marketplace was a new tool created for our clients, in order to give them the freedom to customize, deploy and gain time upon new solutions available in the market. 2020 confirmed that Skale Marketplace is the go-to place for our clients if they are looking for a payment solution, trading tools, retention tools, VOIP, and much more. We’ve added 66 new solutions this year alone, reaching more than 170 different plugins.  

We are constantly looking to team with new partners who possess the solutions that match our philosophy, simple solutions, easy to deploy, and scale the revenue. 

So…What’s in store for us in 2021? 

To be frank, we were so inspired by all the challenges we’ve faced in 2020, and how we overcame them, that we have set even higher goals for Skale 2021. We are always keeping you in mind, as well as your employees, and your clients in order to give you the very best experience. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your friendship and trust. We are very much looking forward to serving and working with you in the coming year! 

Happy New Year! Wishing us all lots of health, joy, and prosperity!!!  

Let’s rock 2021!!!