Many forex brokers are now accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so should your brokerage firm.

Everyone likes to read about what’s “cool”, what’s “hot” and what’s “in”.  That’s what pop culture is all about. These trendy subjects are known as ‘sexy’.  Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Sexy’.  That’s the term used now to describe what is eye-catching in the marketplace—what really attracts potential clients and what can really make your brand very popular. Many forex brokers are now accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So

During 2020, Skale doubled its employee count to help support our customers. 2021, will be a year of new partners to support their tech.

In the beginning of January 2020, just like most other companies around the globe, we thought it will be just “another year” — working according to the plan, new developments, new customers, and new employees. Well as much as we are used to working in automatic pilot mode, this year we had a very rude awakening, proving you can have a plan, but life has another.  We know “our

Our partnership with cTrader means MT4 is not your only viable solution. Lets see who comes up trumps.

Herzliya, Israel: Skale is delighted to announce a new partnership with cTrader – providers of a renowned all-in-one trading platform for forex and CFDs and current holder of the “FMLS Platform of the Year” accolade.  Our partnership with cTrader means MT4 or MT5 is not your only viable option as trading platform. Let’s see who

Contact center communication tools for sales, retention and compliance joins forces with Skale CRM.

How Skale clients benefit from Contaqt? Communication tools for sales, retention and compliance. “3! 2! 1…CONTACT”!!! The very first thing that came to mind when I perused this website, was this theme song to a children’s educational TV show “Contact”.  Aired on Public Television Stations (WPBS) throughout the USA in the mid-1970s (channel 13 in

Building the most complete, fully customisable and professional portal for your clients is what makes a CRM, a CRM.

In the big wide world of Forex trading and finance technology, there has to be a simple and user-friendly solution to maintain your accounts effectively, essentially at your fingertips.   Businesses and consumers don’t need a complicated platform, although they’ll provide them with solutions. Skale CRM – What makes the Skale Client Portal unique? At SKALE,

Skale FX CRM nominated at the prestigious Finance Magnates Awards for Best CRM.

Check out our nominations for one the worlds leading FinTech awards, whereby Skale has been nominated in 5 categories.

Credit, cash transfer, or bank checks with Cypto. Digital currencies ready for your clients to starting transacting.

Crypto-Currency Partner Update: The hottest payment solution on the market Until about 2010, or thereabouts, companies would pay for services received either by credit, cash transfer, or bank checks.  Suffice it to say, in the world of never-ending high tech and technical solutions, something monumental was bound to happen that would revolutionize the way people

What is a CRM and why is it such an essential piece of technology for operating an efficient brokerage firm?​

Customer Relationship Management tools are all the trend these days. Find out why the Skale CRM rocks for so many reasons.

Forex CRM provider compliments MetaTrader MT4 MT5 Forex Trading and Technical Analysis Platform, and here’s why.

Forex & CFD trading is not the same as it was ten years ago. It has evolved drastically and changed the way the world trades. Trade like a pro using MetaTrader Forex Trading and Technical Analysis Platform Trading platforms surfaced in the late 1990s. Back then, developers produced very special software for trading. Those were

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