SKALE CRM – Customer Revenue Management 2020 What a year!!

SKALE CRM – Customer Revenue Management  2020 What a year!!! In the beginning of January 2020, just like most other companies around the globe, we thought it will be just “another year” — working according to the plan, new developments, new customers, and new employees. Well as much as we are used to working in automatic pilot mode, this year we had a very rude awakening, proving you

Crypto-Currency Partner Update – The hottest payment solution on the market

Crypto payment partner joins Skale for credit, cash transfer, or bank checks.

What exactly is a FX CRM?

Customer Relationship Management tools are all the trend these days. Find out why the Skale CRM rocks for so many reasons.

MT4 & MT5

Forex & CFD trading is not the same as it was ten years ago. It has evolved drastically and changed the way the world trades. Trading platforms surfaced in the late 1990s. Back then, developers produced very special software for trading. Those were trading platforms, or as some of us refer to it – the

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