Many forex brokers are now accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so should your brokerage firm.

Everyone likes to read about what’s “cool”, what’s “hot” and what’s “in”.  That’s what pop culture is all about. These trendy subjects are known as ‘sexy’.  Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Sexy’.  That’s the term used now to describe what is eye-catching in the marketplace—what really attracts potential clients and what can really make your brand very popular. Many forex brokers are now accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So

Credit, cash transfer, or bank checks with Cypto. Digital currencies ready for your clients to starting transacting.

Crypto-Currency Partner Update: The hottest payment solution on the market Until about 2010, or thereabouts, companies would pay for services received either by credit, cash transfer, or bank checks.  Suffice it to say, in the world of never-ending high tech and technical solutions, something monumental was bound to happen that would revolutionize the way people